From sunny skies and sandy beaches to friendly locals and exciting culture, there are a wide variety of qualities that British holidaymakers look for as they try to decide on a potential destination for their ideal getaway.

But whether it's on the warm shores of the Mediterranean or in the tropical climates of South America, there are certain factors that are important to anyone who's thinking of leaving home behind for a couple of weeks.

According to research conducted by ABTA, the top priority for 83 per cent of Brits is to book somewhere that offers safe and secure accommodation, as they want to be certain that both their family and their possessions will not be exposed to things like crime, insect infestations and poorly maintained properties.

Following closely behind the need for a suitable place to stay, financial protection was listed as essential by 77 per cent of travellers, and this is hardly surprising given the current climate and the emphasis on keeping to a tight budget.

Indeed, value for money was highlighted by 70 per cent of respondents, although this didn't necessarily mean that they wanted to find the cheapest deal available.

"Holidays are one of the biggest annual investments for many people, both financially and in terms of time. So it's perhaps not surprising that factors such as safety, financial protection and value rate more highly when booking than simply finding the lowest prices," said Mark Tanzer, ABTA chief executive.

Taking the results of the survey into account, landlords who let their overseas properties to holidaymakers could make them more attractive by installing an appropriate range of security measures.

And as well as ensuring that travellers find their villas and apartments appealing, landlords who split their time evenly between staying at home and living abroad will also need to protect their assets with second home insurance policies.