Now that the ski season is well underway and the slopes are buzzing with activity, Brits who are lucky enough to have a chalet in the mountains will be relishing the opportunity to jet off to their snowy getaway.

Whether you're into skiing, snowboarding or just love the atmosphere of the resorts, there's plenty for people of all ages to enjoy - but it's important to remember the essentials even if heading for the slopes is an annual family tradition.

Alongside the basics such as travel insurance and packing for the cold weather, there's also the equipment that's vital if you want to have a fun-filled time free of any hassle.

That means ensuring you pack your newest pair of goggles, warmest gloves and best woolly hat in order to keep the chilly mountain air at bay.

It also involves making certain that you've got your skis or snowboard sorted so as you can get on the slopes as quickly as possible, while another good idea is to take a few waterproofs to avoid getting too wet during any unfortunate falls.

And while it may sound crazy to someone who isn't too familiar with skiing, those who do have a chalet in the mountains will be well aware of the problems associated with being so exposed to the sun at such high altitudes.

That's why Nina Goad, head of communications at the British Association of Dermatologists, is urging people to remember the importance of sunscreen in order to avoid getting burnt.

"Sunscreen needs to be reapplied every two to three hours, and more so if it's come into contact with liquids or likely to have rubbed off," she said.

"Luckily this isn't too much of a chore when on the slopes as generally not much of your skin is exposed, so there's not really any excuse not to bother."

But as well as picking up the essentials for the slopes, it's also a good idea to check when you're going to have to renew your holiday home insurance policy for that snowy chalet.