The domestic buy-to-let property sector may well be booming at the moment, but there are just as many opportunities on the continent for prospective overseas landlords looking to take advantage of the endless stream of holidaymakers requiring accommodation for their breaks.

And according to a spokeswoman from, investors thinking of picking up French properties tend to look to Paris and the south-east of the country in order to maximise their returns.

"In [terms of investing], buyers base their decision on hard data, such as stability of demand and return on investment, and tend to opt for the main stalwarts of Paris, the Cote d'Azur and the French Alps," she said.

Being popular tourist destinations, the three locations highlighted by the spokeswoman offer landlords a strong potential for profit given that they are likely to be in high demand among holidaymakers - but there are also other reasons to purchase properties in France.

That's because the current strength of the pound against the euro means that buyers can get good value for money, and the climate in the south of France offers a fresh alternative to the cloudy skies currently dominating the UK.

"The Dordogne and the Charente in the south-west are popular destinations for [holiday homes because of] their postcard vistas and benign climate," the spokeswoman added.

Whether it's with a view to finding a holiday home or more about a business venture, it seems that the French property market has a range of options available to Britons who have their eyes on an overseas property.

And considering that people are going to be splitting their time between home shores and foreign properties, second home insurance policies will be vital to protect their assets for any periods during which they are going to be left vacant in between visits.