From clear blue skies and sandy beaches to warm temperatures and the Mediterranean lifestyle, there are plenty of factors that draw holidaymakers to Cypriot shores throughout the course of the year.

While the most popular season tends to be between April and November, the island often maintains its dry, sunny climate during the winter, making it the ideal destination for Brits hoping to escape the wind and rain.

Yet every holiday location has its more popular resorts, and it is the south of Cyprus that draws the majority of tourists as the north occasionally gets overlooked.

So in an attempt to lure an increasing number of holidaymakers to the upper regions of the island, a new website aimed at boosting tourism in northern Cyprus has been launched.

By highlighting the wide range of activities on offer - namely the likes of paragliding, golf and scuba diving - it is hoped that more travellers will consider visiting the north instead of heading for the traditionally more popular south.

With treks and safaris also on offer, there is plenty to explore away from the tourist traps that are found on the southern parts of the island.

Yet as well as attracting new holidaymakers, the north could be seen as a great place to pick up an overseas property too.

Given the year-round sunny skies and warm temperatures, the chance to escape to somewhere with less tourists and a more tranquil environment is likely to appeal to many people who are thinking of buying a holiday home.

And if they want to enjoy all of the benefits the north of the island has to offer, they're going to want to ensure that their property is safe and secure.

Second home insurance policies are ideal in such situations, covering the cost of damage or criminal activity so people don't have to worry about their villa or apartment when they're back home in the UK.