With almost guaranteed sun and sizzling temperatures, Mallorca is a holiday destination favoured by many Brits as they look to escape the unpredictable weather on home shores.

And given that finding a location suited to the whole family is important - especially for those looking to keep teens who consider themselves to have outgrown building sandcastles entertained - one travel expert believes Mallorca is the perfect choice.

"Mallorca is a perfect destination for families. There are simply so many attractions, both in the towns and in the rural areas, to fill at least several weeks of holidaying," said travel journalist Anna Nicholas.

Considering that families taking extensive breaks may prefer to look for accommodation in villas and apartments rather than settle for a fortnight-long stay in a hotel room, landlords who let such holdings will be ensuring their holiday home insurance policies are up to date in preparation for any wear and tear induced by holidaymakers.

Indeed, staying in a villa can give a family the freedom to come and go more freely, as there are no set times for breakfast and dinner that are associated with hotels.

Mallorca is situated off the east coast of Spain in the heart of the Mediterranean, and with flights from London taking around two hours, it is easy to see why the island is so popular among Brits looking for a getaway in a location that is relatively close to home yet offers a vastly better climate.

And for those who do opt to take Ms Nicholas' advice, there are plenty of opportunities to take part in the holiday indulgences as you leave the cooking and cleaning back in Britain.

"The restaurants are varied and the Mallorcans love children so there is never a problem in finding a family-friendly restaurant," she added.