The Irish property market crash has been one of the most severe in the eurozone, with prices in Dublin 55 per cent lower than they were at their peak back in 2007.

But despite the dramatic nature of the rapid fall in Ireland's property values, the latest figures show that prices have now increased for three consecutive months in the Emerald Isle.

Published by the Central Statistics Office, the numbers reveal that prices have steadily been on the up, rising by 0.2 per cent in July, 0.5 per cent in August and 0.9 per cent in September.

And Dublin has been doing particularly well in recent weeks, as last month it saw a 2.4 per cent jump in the value of its properties.

Yet while these small signs of recovery can be considered a good cause for optimism, there is still a significantly long way to go until Ireland's housing market reaches its pre-recession levels.

That's because, in spite of the past three months, property prices have still fallen 9.6 per cent in the year to September, while outside Dublin values are 9.9 per cent lower than they were at the same time during 2011.

What these figures demonstrate is that Ireland remains a particularly attractive place to pick up a bargain if you're thinking of buying an overseas getaway, as the recent upturn barely represents a surge in prices that would suddenly make Irish property unaffordable.

Indeed, striking now while the market seems to be on the up could be the perfect time to do so, with values having possibly bottomed-out and the only way being up.

While we can't make any concrete market predictions here, it seems like this is as good a time as any to pick up an Irish property, and remember that you'll need second home insurance cover if you're going to be splitting your time evenly between the two sides of the Irish Sea.