If you're in the market for a second home then Britain is probably the last place you're going to be looking at the moment - the skies are grey, the streets are soaked and with the threat of worse to come it's fair to say that the majority are likely to be searching for property in sunnier climes.

So, given that sandy beaches and searing sun are a far better option than thunderstorms and biting winds, it's perhaps unsurprising that Taylor Wimpey Espana - an estate agent offering properties in Spain - saw a five per cent rise in unit sales between January and June of 2012 compared to the same time last year.

And with prices of homes in the Mediterranean country looking set to continue falling, one expert has revealed that there is a significant amount of interest in Spanish property due to the strength of the pound compared to the euro.

"I think there are definitely signs that there is growing interest in the Spanish market. I am seeing a huge following and a huge interest in the Spanish property market, so the appetite is certainly there," said Marc Da-Silva, editorial director at International Estate Agent Today.

"Prices need to fall quite significantly - probably by at least 15 to 20 per cent before you will really see the market turn around."

Given that it appears properties in Spain will get even cheaper before they eventually begin to pick up, it could be that increasing numbers are drawn to the idea of buying a holiday home on its sunny shores.

What's more, once winter comes around, being able to take a quick jaunt over to the Mediterranean is going to be much more attractive than a rainy weekend away in the countryside.

Yet, while there are bargains to be had in Spain, investments will still need to be protected with second home insurance that can provide buyers with an effective safety net in the event any problems arise with their property while they're back in Britain.