The countryside was once where most Britons would choose to have a holiday home, but a new survey by a UK insurer suggests that the city has become the location of preference – by a majority of 56 per cent.

2,001 people over the age of 18 took part in the survey, which also revealed that Paris was the most preferred city location, with 31 per cent of the vote. London came a close second with 29 per cent, followed by Venice, Italy, with 26 per cent.

37 per cent said they would prefer a holiday home in the countryside, with Provence, France leading the pack, followed by the French Alps and Tuscany, Italy.

Two fifths of those preferring holiday homes said they did so because it would give them ‘plenty to do’, while 35 per cent said it would be used as a base for business or travel. 30 per cent said a city holiday home would offer a better return on investment than a rural one.

Top City Locations

1)          Paris, France

2)          London, England

3)          Venice, Italy

4)          New York City, USA

5)          Rome, Italy

6)          Vienna, Austria

7)          San Diego, USA

8)          Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

9)          Sydney, Australia

10)       Dubai, UAE

Are you one of our holiday home insurance customers with a preference for city homes? Or do you prefer a more rural location? Feel free to tell us more below.