Conditions in the French mortgage market have led to a surge in the number of prospective buyers searching for property in the country, according to figures released by French Private Finance.

The mortgage specialist revealed that historically low interest rates and impressive loan-to-value (LTV) deals mean that now is a great time to buy in France - and people are beginning to realise.

"This week alone we have sent quotes out over €15 million (£12.3 million) of new purchases in the Alps at all different price points with viewings all confirmed," commented John Busby, director of the company.

"Now certainly is a good time to be buying with French mortgage rates at their all-time historic lows and with loan to values of 80 per cent of the purchase price and effective interest rates from 2.4 per cent over 25 years.

But Mr Busby warned that the conditions will not prevail forever - and with there being no definitive way of telling when the trend will change, people are advised to strike while the iron is hot.

"There have been some positive noises about Europe recently with consumer confidence increasing so we can’t be sure these low mortgage rates will be around forever," he added.

While the situation in the French mortgage market is an attractive one for British buyers at the moment, it's important that they don't underestimate the extent of their financial investment in an overseas property.

So in order to protect their new assets and guard against the risk of experiencing losses, holiday home insurance policies will be vital to providing them with a sufficient financial safety net.

From fire and theft to accidental damage and adverse weather, it's important that anyone who invests in properties on the continent protects themselves by ensuring they are properly prepared for every eventuality.