With house prices across the continent continuing to struggle through the recession, buying property overseas has become an increasingly cheaper and more attractive prospect for UK investors looking for opportunities abroad.

In addition, given that interest rates have also remained relatively low, British buyers appear to have continued incentives to take advantage of the situation.

And Conti Financial Services' director, Clare Nessling, has highlighted the mortgage market in France as the most financially suitable option for Brits looking to invest in Europe.

"[France] currently offers the widest range of finance options and best available rates in Europe for UK buyers," she said.

The expert went on to explain that the French financial system was less affected than most by the global downturn due to the way in which it conducted itself with more caution in the past.

However, with mortgage rates in the country apparently making it the most sensible location in which British investors should buy property, the potential for profit from acquiring holdings in France also needs to be taken into consideration.

The latest research from Rightmove Overseas shows that the most popular overseas property destination continues to be Spain, with 21.72 per cent of all searches in February geared towards its sunny shores.

France was a relatively close second with 17.28 per cent, indicating that many investors consider French assets to be lucrative in the current climate.

As such, investors who have opted to make the most of the present circumstances and benefit from France's high LTV (loan-to-value) rates will be looking for a return as a means to signal the validity of their decision.

Anyone who does let property overseas can benefit from second home insurance policies that protect against damage and theft. These can be particularly important for landlords who are not able to keep a constant eye on the security and condition of their holdings.