Being relatively close to home but with a substantially different climate - not to mention boasting a coastline blessed with sun soaked sand and clear blue seas - Spain emerges as one of the favourite holiday destinations for Brits year after year.

Yet as well as being an extremely popular location for tourists, the Mediterranean country is also a favourite among people thinking of buying an overseas property where they can escape the gloomy cold of the UK's winters.

And at a time when Spain's housing market appears trapped in a downward spiral with the eurozone crisis continuing to wreak havoc on the continent, one expert explains that Brits now have the ideal opportunity to pick up a bargain and enjoy the country's sunny climes.

"It is not a good time to be selling a property in Spain, but it is an excellent time to be buying a property in Spain," said Les Calvert, director at

"If you have found the right property and can afford to pay the price and it fits all of your criteria, then buy it there and then to avert the risk of losing it in the future."

What's more, with claiming that more favourable mortgage deals and a strengthening pound are helping investors to get better deals on Spanish properties than in the past, it appears that now is as good a time as ever to take the plunge and buy that perfect Mediterranean hideaway.

However, despite the conditions meaning Spain's villas and apartments are an increasingly affordable option for many Brits, there are a wide range of other factors to consider before going through with the move.

From second home insurance to the location of the property and the proximity of local amenities, it's important that you cover all the bases to ensure your move is as hassle free as possible.