News headlines in recent months have consistently been dominated by the eurozone.

But whether it's the crisis facing Greece, the austerity vote in Ireland or the possibility that an increasing number of countries will need to start thinking about asking for a bailout, it appears that one factor remains - the European property market is faltering, and there's a wide range of opportunities for Brits to take advantage of the situation.

That's according to Marc Da-Silva, editorial director at International Estate Agent Today, who believes that conditions on the continent mean that Brits thinking of buying properties in Europe are in a "win-win situation".

"As far as [European] property prices are concerned that there is going to be no major movements unless it is downwards," he said.

"An added bonus from a British buyer's perspective is the fact the falling prices will also be complimented by sterling increasing in value against the euro. It is really a win-win situation as far as UK buyers are concerned."

And it appears that many Brits are now taking the idea of purchasing a second home on the continent more seriously, as the latest figures released by Rightmove Overseas revealed that it witnessed a record number of searches for overseas property in May.

"Over 3.2 million searches were conducted on Rightmove Overseas in May, another record. Over 800,000 of these searches were for Spanish property," said Shameem Golamy, head of the company.

Given the cheap options available on the continent, it appears that now is as good a time as any to invest in property, and second home insurance policies can serve as a good way to protect your new asset if you're not going to be spending all of your time there. 

What's more, with the weather at home showing no signs of improving, it could be that a property in a sunnier location will provide you with the perfect means to escape the UK when the clouds gather.