As the eurozone crisis continues to drag on with few signs of any sudden recovery, there are a wide variety of opportunities for investors to pick up cut price properties on the continent.

And with many aspiring entrepreneurs seeing Spanish villas and Irish cottages as an ideal means to take advantage of the constant stream of holidaymakers looking to spend a week or two away from home, one expert advises that potential overseas landlords need to do their research.

Paul Collins, editor at BuyAssociation, said: "You need to look at what the rental market is like at the moment and the amount of people who are travelling there.

"You would like to be within an hour of an international airport that has flights from the UK with more than one airline, just to give you a bit more security in terms of people being able to get there."

Indeed, while there are a wide variety of bargains in the European property market, investors still have to make the right decisions if they're going to enjoy impressive returns.

Villas with good transport links to the beach and nearby commodities are going to be far more popular with families, while those in the mountains may be better suited to older holidaymakers, so a lot depends on the demographic that tends to head for the area in which you're going to invest.

But once you've done the necessary research and decided upon where to buy, there are also the official factors to consider - namely overseas mortgages and tax laws - as well as the practical steps.

Second home insurance policies are a sensible investment for aspiring overseas landlords, and will also prove useful if you decide to leave home shores during the cold winter months to spend time in your exotic property.