Northern Spain is starting to be perceived as a more attractive, naturally appealing option to Brits who are becoming increasingly selective when looking for a holiday abroad, believes travel journalist Anna Nicholas.

The country's northern regions are considered to offer some of the nation's best scenery and landscapes, benefitting from the slightly cooler temperatures that are not found in the south. 

This could represent a change to past trends that have seen more popular areas among visitors from Britain to be in Spain's sunnier, southern climes.

Previously, locations such as Benidorm have continually been favoured by holidaymakers from the UK, while the designer chains and exclusive ports in Marbella's Puerto Banus have drawn endless streams of British tourists.

However, Ms Nicholas believes that the northern option could present a refreshing alternative, as the Basque region is perceived as a more laid back style of getaway, enjoying a relaxed culture not associated with the busier destinations such as Malaga in the south.

"This is one of the most beautiful areas of the country. In the north-west Galicia offers breathtaking landscapes and is famous for its wonderful walks," she said.

For those still considering Spain's shores as their first choice for a holiday but looking for a fresh experience of the country, this could present a welcome change.

And with investors from all over Europe being drawn to the low prices in the Spanish property market, the north could see a higher number of potential homeowners from overseas.

Indeed, those who already own assets in the region will be moving to secure their holiday home insurance policies in anticipation of the possibility of increased numbers of prospective visitors.

Spain is so popular because of its relative close proximity to Britain and the climate it offers. With northern cities such as Bilbao experiencing average temperatures of 21.2 degrees centigrade in August, leaving the southern areas of the country behind does not mean having to give up on the summer sun so many seek.