If there's one thing that all Brits like to look out for it's a bargain, and there are plenty of cut-price properties to be had on the continent at the moment as the eurozone continues to falter.

And given that the falling value of homes in the likes of Spain and Greece is far from a well kept secret, Les Calvert, director at Property-Abroad.com, believes that this is starting to attract growing interest from prospective overseas investors - namely those from the UK.

However, while the expert explains that people are paying closer attention to the continent's property market, he adds that many are trying to gauge when prices will reach their lowest point, meaning that any rush in purchasing activity is yet to take place.

"People are waiting to buy in Spain, but obviously they don't want to buy until they are confident that the bottom has been reached," he said.

"They are a still a little bit twitchy about as to when to take that leap. What nobody wants to do is buy on a dropping market; they will try and call the bottom or jump in on the way up."

But despite the tentative approach to picking up a Spanish bargain, Mr Calvert adds that interest has been increasing in recent months, and so it could be that Brits are soon having a genuine look around the market with a view to buying a second home.

"It is starting to pick up in the number of enquiries and searches conducted on our sites," he added.

Whenever it is that Brits decide is the best time to strike in Spain, holiday home insurance will be vital to protecting their new assets and avoiding any unexpected costs that could make their investment more expensive than they initially predicted when stepping into the overseas property game.