Multi-million pound houses, international sporting events and various worldwide movie premieres - London is one of the planet's most recognised cities and has continued to attract some of Hollywood's biggest stars over the years.

And now, according to The Sun, Brad and Angelina are among the latest set of celebrities looking to move to the capital's streets.

Famous for their roles in Mr and Mrs Smith - as well as individual box office hits such as Meet Joe Black and the Tombraider series - the couple have apparently bought a £10 million house in Richmond, west London.

"Brad and Angelina hold an affection for the UK so this investment makes sense," a source is reported to have told the paper.

Arguably Hollywood's hottest couple, the pair announced their engagement last week, and many UK fans may be eagerly awaiting their arrival as they hope to catch a glimpse of the stars once they make their move to the capital.

The house itself is more aptly described as a mansion, so 'Brangelina' will need an extensive second home insurance policy if they are going to avoid footing extensive bills for any damage to the pool or 15th century wooden beams.

Named Whornes Place, the pair have already spent time in its many luxurious rooms, paying £30,000 a week to rent the property while Brad filmed zombie flick World War Z last year.

With Angelina supposedly set to shoot three films back-to-back in Britain, the move seems a logical choice, yet the pair may not settle permanently given their home across the Channel in France.

Despite house prices in Britain currently struggling, it seems unlikely that the couple will have many concerns regarding their investment given their various properties around the globe.

As with all big moves, the stars are sure to attract some attention from their neighbours when the removal vans pull up in the driveway.