It seems that the eurozone has been hitting the news for all the wrong reasons in recent weeks.

As Greece slides further towards political turmoil, Ireland plums for austerity and David Cameron meets Angela Merkel to discuss the future of the EU, it seems that the continent's finances are set to come under increasing strain before any improvement is witnessed.

But despite the difficulties many European countries are experiencing when it comes to balancing their books, the falling property prices represent an attractive investment opportunity to Brits.

That's according to Emma Brunton, author of, who says that the nation's fledgling housing market means that there are bargains to be found for anyone thinking of buying a home overseas.

"House prices [in Portugal] have fallen to their value of five years ago, or even less," she says. "There are certainly great bargains to be found."

While the euro continues to struggle and property markets on the continent react accordingly, it appears that Brits who have always desired a holiday home in an altogether sunnier location than the UK could be tempted to take advantage of the current situation.

Indeed, with the traditional British summer currently living up to its name, such an investment could be an ideal alternative for anyone that wants an easy means to escape the seemingly incessant rain that looks set to continue for the foreseeable future.

Yet as with buying any property, there's always plenty of research that needs to be done - especially if you're going to be purchasing in a foreign country whose housing market you're not overly familiar with.

Whether it's the best second home insurance policies, job opportunities in the local area or even accessibility in terms of transport, there are a wide range of factors that have to be taken into account when buying abroad.