British food may not be highly regarded by our European cousins, but for residents of these isles, being able to enjoy GB grub whilst abroad is worth the risk of upsetting local authorities.

It isn’t specifically British food that might upset customs officials of course, even though the French might consider deep fried mars bars and brown sauce a crime!

Carrying food abroad can land you in hot water; just as restrictions apply on what people can import to the UK: meat, milk products, potatoes and honey are all banned.

But 62 per cent of respondents to a recent survey said they had taken food with them to their holiday homes, either to eat themselves, or to give to other Britons they knew.

One of the main reasons given for ‘grub smuggling’ was that ‘equivalents abroad aren’t as good’.

The list of popular smuggled foods doesn’t make the UK look too healthy. With the possible exception of the top smuggled item, baked beans (37 per cent of ‘smugglers’ took this foodstuff), chocolate came next (35 per cent), then bacon (32 per cent), confectionery (24 per cent) and sauces (20 per cent). High calorie dining indeed!

While a love of British food drives many to smuggling, few respondents knew the law in relation to taking grub with them on holiday: 38 per cent thought they ‘couldn’t get in trouble’ for such behaviour.

Holiday makers caught with banned food items could be fined in some countries if caught.

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