While being the dominant player in the high-end smartphone market, Apple’s iPhone has long been overtaken by competitors when it comes to screen size. In the past, Apple has said that too many user compromises would result from widening or lengthening its screens, but that all looks set to change over 2014.

A number of newspapers and online technology magazines have reported rumours surrounding the dimensions of the next generation of iPhones. But the most recent one by Bloomberg appears to carry more weight than the others: they say Apple will release two new phones next year, one of 4.7 inches and one of 5.5 inches (both measured diagonally).

While it is unknown what the California tech giant will call the 4.7 incher, some observers think it will be the iPhone 6 – which will be the firm’s flagship phone product. The 5.5 inch model will crossover into ‘phablet’ territory, taking on characteristics of a phone and a tablet. In creating a 5.5 inch device, Apple is encroaching on Samsung territory, whose huge Galaxy Note 3 still reigns supreme in the ‘phablet’ world.

The Bloomberg report also suggests that the glass used in the new range will curve at the edges, though they will not be using technology similar to the flex-screen units found in recent LG and Samsung models.

But Apple’s boffins are, apparently, working on a screen that can measure the amount of pressure being applied.

In addition, rumours abound that Apple’s new screens will extend right to the edge of the phone. If true, the firm will be able to match larger screen sizes made by competitors, but still deliver narrower – and more usable – phones.

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