A Coventry couple’s holiday home suffered fire damage after a powerful make-up mirror reflected the sun’s rays onto a curtain. The incident took place during the recent bank holiday, where temperatures soared to 23 degrees.

Cathie and Paul Davies-Fry returned to their holiday property and were met with a burning smell. Neither of them smoke, and they had not been cooking before they left, so they believed there was an issue with the electric wiring. In the living room they were shocked to discover their curtains were ablaze, filling their property with toxic smoke.

The Mail Online reported Mrs. Davies-Fry as saying, 'The curtains and inner lining and completely melted and two huge burn marks had been left - I was worried for our lives, for our neighbours and I just dread to think what may have been.'

The fire was successfully tackled by West Midlands Fire Brigade, who soon identified the cause. Cathie Davies-Fry’s make-up mirror had reflected the sun’s beams onto the curtain, magnifying them to a point where the fabric started melting and caught fire.

The fire brigade was keen to point out that despite being rare, mirrors of the type used by Mrs. Davies-Fry posed a very real threat, and people should exercise caution when the sun is out. They also said the incident highlighted the importance of having an operational smoke alarm fitted.

The blaze also illustrates how holiday home insurance provides peace of mind in the face of such fire risks.