Prime Minister David Cameron has announced tough new measures to discourage Romanians and Bulgarians from moving to the UK next year, when restrictions on their ability to travel and work in Britain are lifted. As part of the raft of proposed measures, landlords may face fines if they are found to be letting properties to illegal immigrants. 

At the heart of the Conservative’s newly unveiled proposals – which are designed to stem the flow of support away from the Tories and towards parties like the UK Independence Party – are the limiting of access to social housing and the National Health Service. Measures will also target those who hire illegal immigrants to work for them.  

Effects on landlords

If the measures go ahead, landlords from across the UK will need to take extra care when taking on new tenants. While the exact circumstances under which a fine would be given out to a landlord are as yet unclear, if it could be proven that a landlord knowingly let to an illegal immigrant, a penalty may be handed out. The maximum or minimum fines have not yet been outlined. 

All three parties have announced tough new measures on immigration, a topic that is often of great interest to our property and landlords building insurance customers – since one of the first necessities of a newly arrived person in the UK is accommodation.