Experiencing full occupancy in the winter months is something that very few of our holiday home insurance customers enjoy. Outside perennial tourist hotspots, of which there are not many, winter is often a time to take stock of the previous season and prepare for the new one. Repairs, renovations and general upgrading are all best done during the down-time of winter.

But that doesn’t mean winter needs to be completely guest-free. The Christmas and New Year may have offered a great opportunity to cash in on those who wish to escape the melee of this period. And looking forward, there are always those who wish to escape for a week, or even just a weekend. It’s important to realise there are in fact customers about – you just have to find them.

January is traditionally a time when individuals, couples, and families start searching the internet for their next holiday. Traffic levels for holiday sites sky-rocket in this part of the year, so it’s important to ensure you get your fair share of visitors. If you have a website, ensure it is updated with fresh news and information about your property.
But if your website performs poorly in organic search engine listings, you can still grab some relevant traffic by using Google Adwords. This system allows you to show adverts for certain phrases – for example, ‘holiday cottages Devon’. You then only pay for each ‘click’ you receive, which can range from a few pence to several pounds, depending on the perceived value of the term.

But as well as aiming to take bookings for spring and summer, don’t forget to target those who need a winter break too. There are always customers out there. You just need to ensure you’re the one who finds them.