The world of insurance is a place that people normally visit only briefly - usually when a policy is up for renewal. Here at we understand that many of our customers and potential customers are very busy, and don't always have a lot of time to distinguish between the various different policy types available. The precise nature of landlord buildings insurance is no exception, so here we'll outline what sets it apart from other insurance products.

In the case of click4Quote, this type of insurance has been especially developed for landlords with multiple properties. Such a policy aims to save the landlord money by keeping the management of all the policies in one place. This has the added benefit of giving the landlord just a single renewal date to worry about, and of course, all claims will go through Click4Quote - which should mean a more familiar, straight-forward claiming experience.

Normal landlord insurance, at least in the case of Click4Quote, covers just a single property.

As well as cover for events you would expect to be covered for, such as fire, theft, storm, flood, explosion, escape of oil and water, subsidence, landslip and heave, the policy also provides landlord-specific cover for loss of rent and cost of alternative accommodation (also 20% of sum insured). It also offer the optional cover for theft and malicious damage by tenants (up to full sum insured).

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