Water might be on our minds a little more than we might expect this summer, given the disappointing weather we’ve had so far. But water should be on the minds of property owners at all times of the year, especially since figures from some insurers suggest that water damage is a more common problem than burglary.
It might be thought that water damage is a phenomenon experienced only in the winter due to burst pipes, but there are many more ways a property can be damaged by water.

The combined costs of a buildings and a contents claim can be very high indeed – up to £3,300 according to some figures – and can be down to a number of things:
• Ageing plumbing and fittings can lead to a leak at any time of year
• Faulty lavatories – particularly when the owner is absent
• Burst storage tanks – both hot and cold water
• Underfloor plumbing leaks
• Faulty shower fittings

One of the key ways to avoid water damage is to conduct a full check of your plumbing before you leave your property for any considerable length of time. In short, as much attention should be paid to plumbing as it is to the risk of being burgled.
Turn of your water at the stopcock and drain the entire water system by opening all the taps. A further option to consider is to find a house sitter to look after your property while you are away.

But of all back-ups, insurance remains the most vital, whether you need holiday home insurance or one of the many other insurance types available.