There are many reasons why people take out unoccupied property insurance with us, but one of the most common is because their house or flat has been up for sale for a longer-than-expected period of time. There are often a variety of reasons why the owners do not live in the property themselves – perhaps a work opportunity has arisen, or they have more than one house.

But for some, the bottom line is that they simply cannot sell the property in question. In some instances, a change of tactic is required to spark interest in a forgotten property – and the internet, as always, is leading the way.

The online property auction has been around for a while, but some property owners dismiss it either because they think their house or flat will go for too low a price, or they simply do not understand how the process works. The notion of strangers clicking ‘buy’ on their house is hard to imagine for the non-tech minded – indeed it does not seem ‘real’ or ‘safe’.

Luckily, however, those firms who offer such a service put various safeguards in to help ensure that buyers actually buy – and pay.

To assist in the sales process, some even post videos as well as images, to help remote bidders really get a good look at the property in question. While any real bid is likely to be preceded by an actual visit to the property, the online auction is nevertheless an innovative way to stir up interest in your property, if it has not yet ‘excited’ the market in the way you want.