It seems that there is still an under supply of rental property and rooms for Students within some university locations in the UK. 

It is reported that Lucy Roberts, commercial services manager for the Carlisle campuses, is urging buy to let property owners and landlords to consider renting to students.

To encourage landlords and homeowners she was keen to point out the financial benefits available. Lucy said that landlords can make between £50 and £60 per student, per week and can make hundreds of pounds a month.

Over a 100 undergraduates at Cumbria University have enquired having struggled to find property or rooms to rent after obtaining a place via Clearing.

The reputation of students as tenants is not viewed as overly positive by some landlords so Lucy was keen to point out some good practice and dispel the opinion of students being problems tenants.

Ms Roberts stated that: "As long as there is a good contract in place and deposits have been paid we have less reported problems than you might think.

Considering this point, deposits for each student at a property are usually very significant sums of money, especially if funded by the student themselves. If the parents have been kind and lent the student money, the likelihood of the them doing something silly and running the risk of losing that deposit is probably lower still.

Those interested should contact the university who will advise how to how to register with the county council.

If you rent to students you need to have in place specialist landlord insurance to cover your property.