The property lettings specialists Belvoir have published their top twenty tips for landlords. If you follow their advice you should find it easier to attract good tenants and avoid disputes with them later on.

You can check out all the details at but here is a summary of their main ideas;

1. Before the tenancy starts make sure the property has been thoroughly cleaned in order to set the standard you expect when the tenants leave.

2. Present the property as well as you can to prospective tenants. Things like lampshades, curtains and blinds are important and if the property is presented as attractively as possible it will help you to find good tenants at the right rent for the right period.

3. Regular communication between landlord and tenant is important in order to resolve any issues that arise during the tenancy. Many landlords looking to buy landlord insurance do not use letting agents and will be well aware that minor issues can become major problems if they are not dealt with straight away.

4. Give the tenants as much information as possible such as all the paperwork about appliances. Information about things like rubbish collections is also useful.

5. Remember that your tenants are paying your mortgage or giving you an income so treat them well; that way you are likely to keep them.

6. Be prepared to deal with any problems and emergencies- have you got plans to help you cope with the issues that can come up?

7. First impressions are important- maximize the impact of your let property so that you improve your chances of attracting a really good tenant.

8. If a problem occurs during the tenancy, start a dialogue as soon as possible with the tenant. Be firm but fair.

9. Make sure the tenant understands when the rent is due each month before the tenancy starts.

10. Regular inspections are important, either by the landlord or an agent on the landlord’s behalf.