While properties with thatched roofs are by no means common, there are still a surprising number across the UK. If you're fortunate enough to have recently purchased a property with a thatched roof, it is important that you maintain the roof as well as you can. Naturally, taking out a good holiday home insurance or standard home insurance policy is highly recommended for all properties, but aside from this safety net there are a number of practical things you can do to ensure that your thatch remains in good condition for as long as possible, and is able to cope with poor weather conditions.

Once you move in, try to establish early what condition the thatch is in. Do not make the assumption that just because the roof looks a little dirty or because the straw is slipping that the roof is in poor condition. Equally, do not assume that if the roof looks trim and tidy, that it is in good condition. By ensuring you repair your thatch in a timely manner, you may be able to significantly extend the life of the roof. It is a good idea not to move around on your thatch unnecessarily, and not to let others do so either.

It is important not to let non-thatchers fix netting, flashing or such additions as TV aerials to the roof without the advice of an experienced thatcher. With this in mind, you should always seek advice from a professional thatcher before making any changes to your roof. The cost will be repaid many times over by extending the life of the roof.