The property market is not as buoyant as it might be, which has led to many would-be sellers moving on to new areas before their property is sold. These vacant properties are very common, and they can be vulnerable.
But there are a number of other things you can do to keep your property safe if you are in this position. First and foremost you should have adequate unoccupied insurance; normal domestic insurance will not be valid for properties left empty for a long period – usually 30 days.

Below are some more practical tips you can use to prevent your property from being damaged by bad weather, malicious damage or burglary:
• Ensure all windows and doors are locked.
• Keep paths and pavements clear and don’t let unopened post build up on the doormat.
• Turn the water off at the mains in order to prevent leaks or burst pipes
• Have a neighbour keep an eye on the property if possible
• Ensure burglar alarms, sump pumps and smoke detectors are working
• Set a continuous temperature in your property to prevent frozen pipes – not such a problem in the summertime!
• Set some inside lights on a timer, and consider setting outside lights on a motion sensor

If you want to find out more about unoccupied property insurance, get in touch with insurance today, and benefit from some highly competitive policy prices.