Whether your one of our let property insurance or a landlords buildings insurance customers (or are considering becoming one), you will probably experience a problem tenant at some point. Here are a few tips for ascertaining if there are any problems, and how you might deal with them.

1. Remain courteous in all communications. Even if your tenant does not act in a polite and professional manner, you should always do so. It is your business after all, and that business approach should always be in evidence. But being polite also encourages your tenant to be the same – and does not exacerbate any bad feelings.

2. Visit your property regularly. By making regular visits you are making your tenant more aware of your interest in the property, and you can keep tabs on any maintenance issues. But be aware that you should give notice before you visit – usually 24 hours.

3. Talk to your neighbours. Doing this will give you an idea about the noise levels at night, loud parties, or any visits from the police. Consider giving them your number if trouble is on the horizon.
4. Keep detailed records. Any financial transactions should be recorded diligently, to back up any action you might need to take later on.

5. Verbal or written requests. If any problems do arise (whether to do with rent or behaviour), a low-key written or verbal request should do the trick.

6. Screen your tenants. The best way to avoid problem tenants is by only renting to those with good references. Ask for two if possible, and confirm by telephone if unsure