Purchasing a holiday home can be a complex undertaking, but an extremely rewarding one. Before you can think about which type of insurance policy to take out (depending on your circumstances you might require unoccupied home insurance or holiday home insurance UK at various times), there are numerous other factors to consider, as the fourth part of our blog demonstrates…

10. Is the holiday home easy to reach?

Both for your own convenience and that of a future buyer, you should think carefully about how easy it is to reach your new property. Can it only be reached by four wheel drive? Or can it be reached by public transport too? If part of the attraction is the proximity of a low cost airline, could you manage if the carrier stopped flying there?

11. Swimming Pool

Thinking of targeting the beach holiday market? Having a swimming pool – or at least having access to a shared one – can make your property extra-attractive. When browsing images of holiday homes, many people scan for the azure blue of a swimming pool. If your property is in the UK, you may want to think about having a hot tub installed – great fun even when the weather is less than agreeable!

12. Ability to enjoy the outdoors

Fundamental to the attraction of many holiday homes is being closely located to the outdoors. As well being near forests, hills and rivers, if the property itself has a balcony or a large garden, you may find the home is more attractive to future buyers – and of course more enjoyable for you to live in.

13. Does the property have air conditioning?

For those used to holidays in hot climates, one of the first things they look for is air conditioning. While expensive, this might be a fundamental feature to add to your property, or to seek out when buying in the first instance.