Whether you are buying a holiday home to enjoy yourself, or whether you plan on purchasing one and then renting it out or selling it on at a later date, there are numerous factors you should think about in order to make your investment work for you in the long term. Long before you can think about things such as holiday home insurance, factors affecting how much you, or a future renter or owner, might enjoy the property should be fully mulled over…

14. Log or Coal Fire

If you’re eyeing up a UK property, then a log or fire might be something prospective guests would enjoy. As well as offering the practical benefits of heat, it adds to the rustic charm of the property and can look great in promotional images.

15. Broadband Access

One of the first questions potential guests ask is ‘do you have wi-fi?’ As more and more people are becoming engrossed in their digital lives, having internet is regarded as essential. Ensure you can get broadband installed – if it isn’t already.

16. Golf Courses and other sports facilities

Leisure is the game, so being able to name drop a good local golf course or ski resort when promoting your holiday home can be a real clincher – not to mention great if you use the property yourself. Year round rentals can be enjoyed by being closely located to such facilities.

17. Parking availability

The ability to park close to the property may be a concern for some holiday makers, as it makes unloading luggage easier (especially in poor weather) and provides extra assurance as regards vehicle security.