Owning a holiday home that you rent out to members of the public can be a very financially rewarding endeavour, as people from across the UK have discovered. As with so many commercial enterprises, however, there is an element risk. One particular issue that can send a chill down any landlord’s spine is that of damage done to their property by tenants. Thankfully, it is fairly uncommon for such damage to take place – but there are things you can do reduce the risk even further.

In terms of peace of mind, perhaps the best first step is to choose a good level of holiday home insurance. This means that in any event, you’ll be able to deal with the financial implications of any damage caused.

But in terms of preventing such an occurrence in the first place, there are other things you can do. One is to take special care as regards who you let stay in your holiday home. Take the time to talk on the phone to them if you can, and subtly ask them about what they plan to do whilst on their break. Use your instincts – you might be surprised how accurate they are.

Another way to reduce the risk of damage being caused by a guest or guests is by taking a deposit. This is likely to make them think twice about being careless (or even malicious) with your property – although proving they did indeed cause damage can sometimes be a challenge.

Other tactics include getting a neighbour to keep an eye on the property and to avoid letting to large groups.

Taking these steps will undoubtedly minimise the risk of anything untoward happening to your holiday home.