Greece has been in the headlines a great deal recently, and seldom for the right reasons. But if you’re in the market for a new holiday home, does that mean you should cross Greece off your list?

The cons of such a move are easy to see when you look at the newspaper and TV reports. The country is still in the grip of a recession that has lasted five years and has led to two European bailout packages. Despite these measures, the country is groaning under the weight of austerity drives by the current government, at the insistence of various European states – particularly Germany.

So the people of Greece are not in a great economic situation. But does that mean it has nothing to offer those seeking a holiday home? Greece is still blessed with some truly beautiful islands and coastline, superb food and very reliable weather. These facts don’t change in a recession. And while it is sad to see a country suffer economically, the situation has driven property prices down by 9.83% year on year to the end of the first quarter of 2012. And with consistent price drops in previous years, Greece has some very reasonably priced property available.

Anyone who buys a holiday home in Greece would undoubtedly be affected by the pessimistic mood of the nation, but it is still a country with a great deal to offer.
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