Customers with empty property may be thinking of selling up this summer and wondering what they can do to make their houses look more attractive. Estate agents traditionally advise sellers to make sure their homes are clean and tidy and the coffee pot is bubbling on the stove if potential purchasers are expected. This is fine if you are living in the house but what can you do to create a good impression if the house is unoccupied? The decorations are important and the place should look clean but there is a limit to what you can do if there is no furniture inside. Perhaps you should look outside to see if there is anything you could improve?

It is time well spent to tidy up the garden and driveway. First impressions are very important and some new gravel on the parking area will look clean and neat. Are the flowerbeds as well tended and colourful as they could be? A few hundred pounds on a gardener and some plants may make all the difference and show that your unoccupied property could easily be turned into a family home.

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