The challenging economic conditions in the UK at present mean that many Brits are looking for cunning ways to save money. As is so often the case, luxuries are the first to go – and pricey holidays would fall into this bracket.

One way to save some money is to swap your home – temporarily that is. Many families are starting to discover the possibilities offered by swapping their home with other families, in lieu of an expensive getaway. While it is true that those who live in more glamorous locations will be able to do this more easily, even if you don’t live in the most exciting city, you may be near special facilities such as indoor ski centres, 3D cinemas, unusual museums, beaches or national parks.

While the notion of swapping your home on a temporary basis for a holiday is more popular in the United States than the UK, interest is picking up here too.

Those who own a holiday home could also benefit from this idea – especially since they are likely to be located in a very desirable location. Be sure, however, to check with your holiday home insurance provider before you go ahead with any swap.