Residents of Swansea, Pembrokeshire and Cumbria are least likely to make a claim on their home insurance, according to a recent survey by a UK price comparison site.
The report also found that at the other end of the spectrum, residents of London, Leeds and Bradford were the most likely to claim. Those living in these areas were also likely to pay up to 20 per cent more for their home insurance, compared to the average.

Experts point out that while there may be more claims in a particular area, this does not necessarily mean those areas are generally high in crime. Burglars often target areas with more wealth, or those that have fewer pedestrians passing – so there are fewer potential witnesses.
At the top of the top-claimant list came postcode LS13 in Leeds, followed by BD12 in Bradford. In third came N12 – North Finchley, and in fourth was Eccles in Manchester (M30). In fifth position was Romford – RM3.

The postcodes least likely to claim were Swansea’s SA9, Pembrokeshire’s SA62 and Cumbria’s LA14.

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