A new survey by a UK holiday home insurer reveals the features that most Britons would desire in an overseas property if money was not an issue.

95 per cent of respondents said that a Jacuzzi was a must, while 93 per cent wanted a home cinema.

64 per cent would live by the sea, while over 30 per cent said Spain would be a perfect holiday home location.

Among the other features desired by those surveyed were having a detached property (76 per cent wanted this); super king size beds (73 per cent); an open fire (51 per cent) and an open plan kitchen (44 per cent).

29 per cent wanted a private garden, while a quarter considered marble flooring a must-have.

19 per cent wanted a holiday accommodation near a ski slope.

But respondents largely spurned the idea of woodland, countryside and urban locations, which were desired by only five, four and three per cent respectively.

As many of our holiday let insurance customers will be aware, such luxurious features are not within everyone’s budget. But while dreaming of the perfect holiday property is fun, perhaps having a simpler property encourages us to get out and enjoy the fresh air and coastal/countryside landscapes.

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