With many thousands of UK properties lying empty for at least some period during the summer, the risk of being burgled tends to rise

Following a recent incident, Milton Keynes Police have reminded those leaving properties unoccupied for any length of time that they should ensure windows and doors are locked, and never to leave keys under flower pots or mats.

In a similar story, a man was given a suspended prison sentence on the 22 June after being caught by the police having broken into an unoccupied property in Bradford.

These two situations are a common occurrence in summer and demonstrate how vulnerable unoccupied properties can be.

Taking out appropriate insurance cover can offer some peace of mind against such break-ins. Care should be taken, however, that the right cover is purchased. Many regular home insurance policies will become void or cover restricted if a property is left empty for more than their specified length of time.

If you are planning to leave your home vacant for longer than your policy provides cover for then you may need a specialised unoccupied property insurance scheme.

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