Depending on who you talk to, spring either starts on the 1st or the 20th of March. Officially, it’s the latter, but most people consider the first day of spring to be 1st of March. Either way, it’s not far away, and for those who rent out their holiday home, it means that better weather is on its way, and with it, hopefully, more guests.

With this in mind, now is a good time for many of our holiday home insurance customers to start planning their spring marketing offensive. It’s time to make sure you are as visible – and bookable – as possible to potential guests. Here are some key tips to bear in mind…
• Update any photos you use on your site, or other sites, so they are as attractive as possible. Show the key features of the property, such as large garden – ideally in sunshine!

• Think of an attention-grabbing headline for your property. Mention the best features, such as: great sea views, close to beach, close to town centre, free wifi, etc. Think about what makes your holiday home unique – and play on it as best you can.
• Consider new websites on which to advertise your property. Some will get more traffic than others, and while they may cost you money, if they keep you booked up all spring and summer, they’ll be worth the investment.

• Give clear instructions as regards where your property is. Make it as easy as possible to find, using landmarks and working on your description so it reads well. If people think it is hard to find your holiday home, they may opt for an easier-to-find location