In the last twelve months the Health and Safety Executive has brought criminal charges against 13 property landlords for gas safety offences. One landlord received a six month jail term and the highest fine was a massive £24,000.

The Gas Safe Register is worried that people may not realise that even if you are only letting out a property for a short period you are still under a legal duty to comply with the gas safety regulations. With the Olympics taking place soon many property owners are being tempted to move out and rent their homes to visitors. Our cheap landlord insurance clients will be very well aware of the need for the necessary checks and paperwork but newcomers to the letting business might think they can get away with just handing over the keys and taking the money. This could be a terrible mistake. The gas regulations are in place to keep the tenants safe and to give the landlord peace of mind. In one recent case a landlord was prosecuted when the tenant had to be hospitalised with carbon dioxide poisoning.

As well as complying with the safety regulations covering things like gas, electricity and furnishings it is important that the property owner checks with the mortgage lenders and insurers to make sure they are happy with the proposed letting.

The Gas Safety Register is the body that certifies gas fitters. Make sure that any contractor working on your let property is properly accredited by them.