Anti-homelessness charity Shelter has called upon the next Mayor of London to rectify what it calls the 'out of control' rental market in the capital. The organisation says that a great many families struggle to pay the rent on their homes.

The charity argued that an income of 60,000 GBP would be required by a couple with two children to meet rental payments for a typical two bedroom house or flat in London. This figure was applied to eight boroughs, including both Tower Hamlets and Islington.

With the typical London household salary standing at £34,236, many families, say the charity, are paying up to half their income.

They also point out that one in four families rent from a private landlord, which has increased by 70% in the last two years.

Changing the way the London property market works will arguably be a challenge for whoever wins the Mayoral election. Landlords may argue that costs associated with maintaining properties, such as repairs and insurance policies like buy to let insurance - not to mention mortgage repayments - mean rents have to be high.

Despite this, pressure on whoever will become mayor is unlikely to abate, in what is sure to be a key election issue. Previous mayors, arguably, have not managed to address the issue too well.

Both landlords and tenants will no doubt be watching developments with interest.