As high season approaches, many holiday home owners will be gearing up for a very busy summer. Summer nearly always offers the biggest earning potential of all the seasons, but this year this is especially the case with the London Olympics and the high profile 'staycation' campaign.

The low season represents the ideal time to carry out renovations on holiday homes and other properties; with few or no guests there is little revenue loss. It's a good idea to time any renovations carefully, so as not to miss out on big getaway times of the year, such as Easter. Directly after the New Year celebrations is a popular time to have such work done, allowing a good three months to complete the work. Impress upon those carrying out the work how important it is to have it completed on time. Building in a couple of 'delay' weeks might also be a good idea.

It should be noted however that any alterations to your property may affect the validity of your holiday home insurance policy. Most insurers will probably restrict cover or impose terms on the policy whilst work is undertaken and large-scale will have to be assessed on an individual basis. Remember that if you do not disclose property works it could invalidate cover completely leaving you uninsured. If at all unsure about where you stand, it's advisable to download (or dig out from your files) the policy terms and conditions. If still unsure, contact your policy provider directly, as you may require specfic renovation insurance.