A London room hunter received an eye opening set of rules from a prospective live-in landlord recently, outlining some rather excessive stipulations.

The list has spread across Twitter, having been Tweeted about by the room hunter in question, and was picked up by the Daily Telegraph soon afterwards. Among the 31 rules was a warning against using additional heaters in bedrooms – backed up by the threat of a £100 fine. Tenants forgetting to do their washing up would be faced with a £15 penalty.
Showers should not last more than 15 minutes and if a tenant wants to have a guest round, they must inform the landlord 2 weeks in advance verbally and by text.

Meals should be cooked within 30 minutes and bacon sandwich fans need not apply – pork was banned entirely. Anyone foolish enough to leave their belongings in the communal area would find them in the rubbish bin.
The list of rules has caused much jollity across social media, and more than a little surprise.
Thankfully, as many of the click4quote landlords building insurance customers will point out, very few landlords present tenants with rules as strict as these. As well as arguably not complying with tenant rights with its excessive fees and fines, the rules are perhaps unlikely to attract lodgers at all. Additionally, it’s difficult to see how such strict rules would not cause household friction.

Information about renting as a private tenant in the UK can be found here: https://www.gov.uk/private-renting/your-rights-and-responsibilities