The business of letting a property, be it a holiday home or a long term residential property, can be complex. As well as selecting the correct insurance policy – such as let property insurance and holiday home insurance, there are numerous other issues you may encounter. One of those is that of content theft.

Many property owners who have advertised their property on the internet have discovered that the photos they took of their property have been stolen by someone else, frequently with a view to passing the property off as their own – when their real property might be substantially less attractive. But what do you do if you find that someone has stolen your content?

In most instances, you’ll find that a tactfully worded email is sufficient to get the offending content taken down. Being polite and non aggressive is important – whilst also being firm in asserting your ownership of the image in question.

In rare circumstances, you may need to take the matter further. If the image is being used on a property website, you should contact the website directly. It is likely that they will ask their client to remove the image using their own log-in details. If the offender does not remove the image, the website itself may do so.

To prevent such a situation from of occurring, you may wish to consider watermarking your images. A free piece of software such as is a highly effective way of protecting your image. Of course, your image may still be cropped in order to remove the watermark, but it makes it more problematic.