Landlords purchasing rental properties under £937,500 in the buy to let market saved on average £1,400 in stamp duty since the tax was reformed last year based on analysis carried out by myhomemove and reported by

Mr Doug Crawford, chief executive officer of the conveyancing services firm myhomemove said “The stamp duty reforms have saved UK home buyers a significant amount of money since its introduction and provided an important boost to the property market”.

In our previous blog about the Stamp Duty Reforms we reported on the BBC article in which George Osborne had told MP’s that; “It’s time we changed this badly-designed tax on aspiration,”

For landlords who have been looking to expand their property portfolios, the changes in the rating system has meant that they are paying fewer costs for their property investment.  For new landlords this can also provide valuable savings on the cost of their investment.  Whether you are an existing landlord or are investing in the buy to let market for the first time it is a good idea to allow for additional expenses like specialist property insurance. can offer landlord insurance online or over the phone, so why not contact us today and see how we can help.