It’s a topic that gets a great deal of attention each winter, but protecting your property from a burst pipe is very important if you want to avoid serious water damage. As well as the stress of having your property damaged, there is the lengthy process of making a claim to go through. In addition, as some of our customers buying holiday home insurance have found, the time it takes to get the place back into shape can stop owners from making a rental income for weeks or even months.

As with so many risks to the home, prevention is the best cure. It’s age-old advice, but turning off your water at the mains (the stop cock), and then draining the remaining water from the system, should prevent a worst-case scenario. The huge amount of damage that can be done by escaping water is often down to the fact that water is running for days before it is discovered. Up to 400 litres of water may escape in a single hour, while in a 24-hour period escaped water may equate to 48 bath-fulls.

AAdditionally, It is a wise precaution to run your central heating at an adequate temperature level, enough to prevent pipes from freezing. You should also insulate exposed water and overflow pipes where you can. Lag your cold water storage tank, and finally, ask a friend or neighbour to check your property for any signs of water escape.

Each insurance policy has it’s own requirements so make sure you read yours before you leave your property empty. During the winter months if a property is left empty for more than a day cover for escape of water is excluded due to the large risks, depending where the property is located.