Most of our clients with unoccupied property hope that their houses will only stay empty for a short time. They might be surprised to see that the charity Empty Homes reckons that there are something like 750,000 empty homes in England alone.  They say that nearly half of these are in the category of "long-term empty". If all of these were brought back into use it would have an enormous impact on the housing shortage. As well as that, it could help to regenerate areas where empty housing has had a detrimental impact by attracting vandalism, fly tipping and petty crime. It would reduce the need for building new houses on "green field" sites.

Empty Homes is encouraging people to use its website to report an empty home. They pass on the reports to the relevant local authority.

Even if a house is unoccupied it should still be maintained in good order to help protect it against the elements, especially with winter nearly upon us. Insuring a property should be one of the first items on the list for any unoccupied property owner.

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