The Government has decided to relax the planning rules for landlords wishing to let out property  to multiple unrelated tenants.  Instead of having to apply for planning permission in every cases it will now be up to the local council to decide whether or not they wish require planning applications for this type of accommodation.

Housing minister Grant Shapps said:

“Councils understand their local areas best and they do not need burdensome rules that assume housing issues in every town village or hamlet are the same.”

The planning rules for houses in multiple occupation are aimed at enabling councils to deal with problems sometimes caused by this type of let property. For example, some towns have a very high density of HMOs and they may have a neglected feel to them, especially if the tenants are not in residence all the year round. 

It is important to make sure you have landlord insurance if you are thinking of letting out a property, whether to an individual tenant or a group of people.  You need to tell your insurer the type of letting involved and also contact them if the property becomes unoccupied as you would need unoccupied property insurance.