The Courts make 3,000 eviction orders for anti-social behaviour against social tenants each year but the process is very slow and often expensive. On average it takes seven months from applying for a possession order to obtaining one and the landlord often has to prove repeatedly that the tenants have behaved badly in the past.

Landlord insurance clients often find themselves dragged in to cases of anti-social behaviour, especially if neighbouring households know the landlord concerned. It can also cause a problem when selling a house because prospective purchasers might be put off if they found out that the area is plagued by bad behaviour.
The Housing Minister Grant Shapps has announced proposals to speed up the process. There will be a new mandatory power for possession, which could be triggered by a record of previous convictions for anti-social conduct. The new procedure will apply to both social and private tenants. If you have any experience of anti-social behaviour by your tenants please let us know what you think of these proposals.